Abbey Peter Ngobi

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Trinity senior Academy has had 12 years of solid existence. It was an off-spring of Trinity Primary Bukoto. We appreciate the Almighty God who has brought us this far. As we embark on our academic plan, we have unlimited resolved to maintain and even make our brand much more attractive and competitive.

We are proud, of the most important resource in any school setting. A highly motivated and professional staff, which is duly committed, enthusiastic in service delivery and experienced in promoting Sustainable Education.

Our curriculum is double edged. It ably identifies taps and develops student’s talents inside and outside the classroom environment, while concentrating on character formation, strong ethical and religious values and personal character development.
A curriculum that creates an all round student, environmentally friendly, skilled, versatile, and can fit in any good society.

We are incredibly proud of our proven and progressive academic excellence. A consequence of our strength at providing students the most conducive environment to excel academically. The student welfare is laudable and very accommodating.
Thank you for taking time to read our website. We pride ourselves on being a warm, welcoming school and look forward to working together to achieve the best.

For Sustainable Education.