Co-curricular Activities: Enriching Minds, Empowering Talents

At Trinity, education goes beyond the classroom. Engage in vibrant co-curricular activities such as debates, quizzes, STEM projects, and coding. Develop critical thinking skills through role plays and essay writing competitions. Our goal is to enrich the learning experience, fostering creativity, teamwork, and resilience in every student.


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Extra-curricular Activities: Thriving Beyond the Classroom

Explore a world of physical activity and sports, including football, netball, volleyball, and more. Immerse yourself in cultural pursuits with Music, Dance, and Drama (MDD). Join clubs like Interact Club, Scripture Union, Youth Alive, Chess Club, Writers & Book club, Debate Club or showcase your talents in the Brass Band. Trinity actively promotes an active lifestyle, patriotism, and scouting, providing opportunities for every interest.

Super Curricular Activities: Empowering Future Leaders

Trinity Senior Academy’s super-curricular activities go beyond traditional education, equipping students with essential skills for a dynamic future. Our diverse offerings

include Beauty and Cosmetology, Culinary Arts (Baking & Cookery), Fashion and Design, Website Development, Coding, Robotics, Urban Smart Farming, Music Classes, Photography, Art & Craftsmanship, and participation in Basketball, Football, and Swimming Academies. These programs emphasize hands-on learning and creativity, empowering learners to become innovative job creators.

Dive into Beauty and Cosmetology to unleash creativity in personal care or join Culinary Arts (Baking & Cookery) to master cooking and explore diverse cuisines. Express your style in Fashion and Design, capture moments through Photography, nurture artistic skills in Art & Craftsmanship, navigate the digital frontier in Website Development and Coding, explore technology with Robotics, and cultivate sustainability through Urban Smart Farming. Harmonize your talents in Music Classes, score goals in our sports academies, and perfect your strokes in our Swimming Academy. Trinity’s super-curricular activities offer a comprehensive approach, preparing students not just for academic success but for a well-rounded and impactful future.


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