Admission Process

Admissions start at the beginning of the academic year of each class with a few exceptions that have valid reasons of a child joining the school in the middle of the academic year.

Admission forms are available at the Administration Office from 8.00am to 5.00pm; Monday to Friday.


  • Dependent on the number of vacancies in the various groups, parents will be contacted for an interview.
  • The criteria for admission, as determined by the school’s Management Council for that year will be applied.
  • The Principal’s decision on acceptance/non-acceptance is final, and no further correspondence will be entered into.
  • On acceptance into the school, parents will receive a written letter of acceptance and an administration fee will be payable.
  • Please see below for the current list of costs for the year, 2018.


Our curriculum follows the Ugandan education curriculum standard. The subjects are taught by experienced teachers who come highly recommended in their respectful fields of expertise. We aim for high academic results and also, learned students with a student to teacher ratio of 20 to1. Special care is taken to the performance of each student and extra lessons are available to deal with subjects that pose a challenge to them.


This is the first section of the secondary level that has 4 years (Senior 1 to 4)

At this stage a variety of subjects are introduced to the student and gradually reduced as they get through the years,

The subjects we offer;

English|  Biology  | Geography | Entrepreneurship| Mathematics|  Chemistry | History and Political Education | Physical Education | Physics| Agriculture | Christian Religious Education|  Luganda | Literature | Kiswahili | ICT | Fine Art and Industrial Training (DIT)


This is the second and last level of their secondary school education. Subjects are less and more to the student’s choosing to prepare them for the higher institutes of learning. Since this a crucial part in choosing a career for the future, special care and guidance is given to each student on the subjects they have picked and career guidance talks are held annually for their benefit.

 The subjects we offer;


Mathematics  | Physics  | Chemistry  |  Biology  | Agriculture


History | Economics | Luganda | Geography | Sub Math | Literature| ICT | Kiswahili


General Paper