Nurturing Minds, Fostering Excellence

Embark on a journey of intellectual discovery with our diverse O Level and A Level subject. Trinity offers a comprehensive curriculum covering English, Biology, Geography, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, Chemistry, History, Physical Education, Physics, Agriculture, CRE, Luganda, Literature, Kiswahili, ICT and Fine Art at Ordinary level.

At the A Level, Trinity provides subjects in Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Agriculture),

Arts (History, Economics, Luganda, Sub-Math, Literature, ICT, and Kiswahili), and Compulsory subjects, including General Paper.

Our intimate class sizes, with a remarkable 1:45 ratio, ensure personalized attention, effective monitoring, and an environment conducive to individualized learning experiences.

Personalized Learning Journals: Enhancing Student Engagement.

At Trinity Senior Academy, we prioritize personalized learning experiences. In S.1 and S.2, every student receives a set of 12 department-customized work notebooks, providing a dedicated space for notes, reflections, and coursework. This tailored approach equips students with essential tools for academic success, fostering a deeper connection to the material and making the learning journey more engaging.

These personalized learning journals are designed to complement classroom teachings, featuring subject-specific designs and prompts. The initiative aims to inspire creativity, organization, and a sense of ownership in students’ academic pursuits. By incorporating these customized notebooks into their daily learning routine, students are empowered to take charge of their education, promoting a holistic and student-centric approach at Trinity Senior Academy.

PTA: Bridging Partnerships for Educational Excellence.

The proactive Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) at TRISA plays a pivotal role in supervisory functions, serving as a

bridge between the school and parents while championing the welfare of students and teachers. The executive body, comprising dedicated representatives from parents, teachers, and esteemed alumni, ensures a holistic approach to educational excellence. This collaborative effort fosters a strong partnership among stakeholders, actively engaging in shaping the educational journey, nurturing a supportive environment, and building a stronger TRISA community.

Religious Inclusivity:

Trinity Senior Academy holds a Christian foundation and proudly honors God in all its activities and programs. Recognizing the diversity of faiths, the school extends its inclusivity to the Islamic community, organizing services for both the Catholic and Anglican communities concurrently. Embracing the belief in serving the same God, Trinity fosters an environment that respects and accommodates various religious traditions, promoting unity and understanding among its diverse student body. This commitment to inclusivity reflects the school’s dedication to providing a nurturing and respectful educational environment for all.

Organizational Structure at TRISA: Nurturing Every Educational Stage

TRISA’s organizational framework comprises three key sections:

  1. Lower School (S1 & S2)
  2. Middle School (S3 & S4)
  3. Upper School (S5 & S6)

This decentralized structure is strategically designed to bring essential services closer to our students, facilitating accessible support in crucial areas such as career guidance, subject choices, promotions, assessments, mentorship, and parental involvement. By tailoring our approach to each educational stage, we ensure a focused and personalized commitment to the unique needs of students at every level of their academic journey.

Experience Comfortable Living at TRISA

Explore the inviting accommodations at Trinity Senior Academy, where our spacious dormitories create a clean and brightly lit environment for students. Each dormitory is thoughtfully furnished with a mattress and bed, ensuring a cozy and conducive space for relaxation.

At TRISA, we prioritize more than just comfortable living. We actively promote a sense of responsibility and personal hygiene among our students. Our holistic approach includes teaching essential life skills, such as cleaning up after oneself, and fostering independence and overall well-being. We firmly believe that maintaining a clean and healthy living environment contributes to a positive and enriching residential experience at TRISA.

Delightful Dining at TRISA

Indulge in a satisfying dining experience at Trinity Senior Academy, where we prioritize your well-being through well-balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Leveraging the abundance of food seasons, our menu is enriched with a variety of fresh and nutritious options.

At TRISA, we understand the importance of wholesome nutrition in fostering a healthy learning environment. Our school cafeteria further enhances the dining experience, offering break-time snacks and dietary supplements to ensure students receive the nourishment they need for optimal growth and energy throughout the day. Enjoy a flavourful journey of culinary delights that cater to both taste and health at TRISA.

Comprehensive Healthcare at TRISA

Ensuring the well-being of our students is a top priority at Trinity Senior Academy. Our sick bay is a spacious and well-equipped facility, staffed by two qualified nurses proficient in providing prompt and effective first aid treatment. Beyond immediate care, our nurses extend general aftercare for students returning from home.

At TRISA, we understand the importance of collaboration with parents in monitoring students’ medical needs. Our nurses work closely with parents, following advised medical protocols, and ensuring a seamless coordination of care. Rest assured, your child’s health is in capable hands at TRISA, where we prioritize both physical and emotional well-being.