Welcome to Trinity Senior Secondary, a Christian-founded institution nestled in the heart of Bwebajja, along Entebbe Road. Our journey began with a vision, a vision that transcends conventional education. We believe in holistic education, where not only academic prowess but also spiritual and character development are paramount.

At Trinity Senior Secondary, we aspire to nurture individuals who not only excel academically but also possess the moral and ethical foundation to make a positive impact on any good society. Our commitment extends beyond the confines of Uganda, as we strive to prepare our students to thrive on a global scale.

Our legacy of academic excellence is reflected in our consistent track record of impressive academic results.
However, what truly sets us apart is our dedication to shaping well-rounded individuals, and instilling in them the values of integrity, compassion, and a quest for excellence. Join us on this transformative educational journey where we cultivate the mind, spirit, and character of each student, fostering holistic growth and empowerment.

Our Mission

To produce all round students who are skilled, versatile and can fit in any good society wherever they go.

Our Vision

To be the leading education service provider in Uganda and beyond whose products have a balanced Holistic approach , positive attitude towards work, creative and proactive.

Our Values

God fearing | Commitment to excellence and Quality | Customer satisfaction | Integrity | Accountability | Compassion | Environmental friendly | Self-reliance| Modesty

Why Choose TRISA

Holistic Education at Trinity: Cultivating Excellence Beyond Academics

At Trinity Senior Academy, we redefine education by placing a strong emphasis on providing a holistic learning experience that goes beyond traditional academics. Our commitment extends to cocurricular, extracurricular, and super-curricular activities, shaping well-rounded individuals equipped with essential life skills and a passion for continuous growth.