Message Form The Head Teacher


Our dear parents, students, alumni and well-wishers, welcome to our website. After being birthed in 1998, Trinity Primary School has soldiered on even though tests of time. We have steadily advanced and grown into a bigger academic institution that, I can now boldly say, is to reckon with.

We have built more and revamped the school’s infrastructure and adopted modern pedagogy methods of teaching, which have helped to improve the academic standards of the school. This investment in education has earned as a handsome enrollment, and we have you to thank for some of these numbers. Our performance in national examinations and ranking gets better each year that passes.

Our proximity to the city, easy accessibility, conducive and secure learning environment have greatly contributed to the development of the school. We are one of the few boarding schools close to Kampala city. Children transition well into our well-designed holistic approach to education.

Co-curricular activities such as Music, Dance and Dance, games and sports, coupled with clubs: Brass band, Ballet dance, Umeme safety, Home management and Environment, have over the years helped us to identify, tap and develop our children’s talents. We have alumni in the in music industry, sports and other careers. We are committed and devoted to serving you better. Our mission, vision and values are well crafted to suit our children’s formation of their future.

We have educated students from different countries and we will be happy to receive more. We take pleasure in the fact that we have impacted lives of children who have grown to be important people in our society. With the virtues inculcated in them, they have been positive influencers in the country. To know more about us, you can navigate the website or, even better, pay us a visit at our premises in Bukoto, Mukalazi zone.

May God bless you