Extra Curricular activities

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Apart from academics, the school also annually trains and competes in games and sports like Swimming, Volleyball, Football, Table tennis, Scrabble among others. Our children are also involved in Music Dance and Drama (MDD). Most of this is showcased during assemblies every week where a specific class performs for the rest of the school. Exceptional students also get to participate in the East African Spelling Bee Competition held every year in December

Every pupil is attached to a given club for a period of two years.  Some of these clubs include;

  1. Red Cross Club
  2. Soccer Club
  3. Debate and Writing Club
  4. Home Management Club
  5. Young Environmentalists and Farmers Club
  6. Indoor games like Snakes and Ladders, Draughts, Chess among others
  7. Scripture Union
  8. Ballet

Featured Clubs

Scouts Club


Music Club


Football Club