Who We Are

Trinity Preschool, Early Learning and Play Centre is an early childhood education and care provider that gives industry-leading programs that assist children to learn, grow and thrive in the society.
Our services offer a nurturing, engaging and conducive environment for a child’s learning process. We have dedicated and experienced staff who are keen on the development of your child’s mind and character in a healthy and fun way.

Why would I consider Trinity for my child?

Trinity methods engage the whole child and make learning a personal challenge rather than a chore. Children who experience self-directed learning from an early age, train their minds to see life as a learning experience and regularly pursue learning activities outside of school.

Mission2 Our Mission
To nurture and build young individuals who are versatile and skilled to excel in any good society.
Vision2 Our Vision
To be the leading education provider in Uganda and beyond, providing a balanced holistic approach and positive attitude towards work creatively, and pro-actively.

Our Values

Fearing God




Respect and Preservation of Nature

A Commitment to Excellence & Quality

Parent, Teacher & Student Collaboration