1. Every pupil and parent shall be obedient to school authority i.e. administration, staff and prefects body.
  2. Stealing shall not be tolerated. Anyone found guilty shall be subjected to indefinite suspension or expulsion as decided by the school disciplinary body.
  3. Phones, toys, radios and clothes that are not part of the school uniform shall be prohibited in the school. Any of the above items may be confiscated or destroyed.
  4. Lying or any false utterances with the view of satisfying personal interests shall be subjected to disciplinary action if found guilty.
  5. Making unnecessary noise in the school premises shall be prohibited.
  6. Dodging of school work (communal or class work) shall be punishable.
  7. Fighting or verbal exchange with the intent to annoy or abuse any member in the school shall be intolerable.
  8. Escaping from school or Absence Without Official Leave (AWOL) shall be punishable. Any child who escapes more than twice may be expelled.
  9. Vandalising school property is forbidden. Any child who destroys school or colleague’s property shall be made to replace it.
  10. Visitation
    All parents, guardians or any person sent to visit the child shall be expected to possess the pupils’ Visitation Card for easy identification.  The cards are always processed at school at a cost. Visitation is strictly on stipulated official days as per the school term dates.  In case of unavoidable circumstances, you will be expected to make an appointment or the school will officially invite you. Please note that offices officially open at 8:00am and close at 5:00pm. After this hour, no visitor shall be allowed in school. A parent who comes in school during the weekend must observe working hours without which accessibility of the child will not be possible.
  11. Transportation of day school children: Parents of children who use school vans shall be expected to wait by the roadside with their children until they are picked. Otherwise, the school shall not be held responsible in case of any calamity that befalls on our children as they wait alone. Parents shall be expected to sign a commitment form before they access the service. The vans will not pick pupils on the first and last days of the term. This is because you will be expected to clear with the school authorities first.
  12. Completion of school assignments:
    All pupils shall be expected to diligently do and complete all given school assignments whether during the term or holiday. Failure to do so will tantamount to a punishment as per the school policies.
  13. All parents are expected to provide enough personal effects and scholastic requirements for their children as per the requirement sheets provided. Any child who falls short of the expected requirements shall not checked in.
  14. Medical insurance:
    All children in boarding shall be expected to be insured with the school health care service provider. For the children who may be insured with other companies, you will be expected to avail the school with information. The school provides first aid in case of any ailment and then refers complicated cases to the health care provider. If the ailment goes beyond the scope of the premium, the parent shall be informed to take over or pay the extra fee incurred. Parents will be expected to take their children for medical checkup prior to the opening of each term. You shall be expected to declare to us your child’s academic, social and health background for easy management.
  15. School fees payment:
    All parents shall be expected to clear all dues before the beginning of each term. Or else the child may not be allowed in school. Pocket money shall be declared in the bursar’s office. No child shall be expected to possess more than one hundred thousand shillings (UGX 100,000). All the monies shall be paid in the bank and receipts presented to the accounts. Cash shall not be received at school.
  16. Clubs in school
    Every pupil shall be attached to a given club for a period of two years in school. The following are the clubs in school; Red Cross, Soccer club, Debating and writing, Scouts, Home Management, Young Environmentalists and Farmers club, Indoor games club, Piano and Band club, MDD, and Scripture Union. Every pupil shall be expected to pay subscription fee each year.
  17. Daily routine:
    Our lessons officially start at 8: 00 am and stop at 4:30pm. However, by 7:25am all children in boarding section (P.1 – P.7) are expected to be in class doing supplementary revision activities as they wait for main lessons. Night prep lessons for boarders start at 7:00 pm and end by 8:30pm. Parents are expected to observe the above given schedule or else attract a fine for parents who come to pick children after 5:30pm.
  18. Observing Term Dates:
    All parents shall be expected to adhere to the term dates as given in the Newsletter.
  19. Labeling personal property
    All parents are expected to label all property given to the child. Items which are not labeled shall not be allowed in school.
  20. School uniform
    Pupils shall be expected in complete school uniform at all times.
  21. Packing food
    Cooked food for pupils from out shall not be allowed in school. This applies to both day scholars and boarders. However, you can pack dry food rations for boarders and enough drinks.
  22. Hair policy
    We accept short well-kept hair for both boys and girls. All children in boarding shall be expected to pay a given amount of money per term for maintenance in the accounts. Girls can have short well-kept hair or corn rows and not any other style.
  23. Spot checks 
    We have noted that some pupil ferry in items that are not needed in school for example; mobile phones, toys among others. Please check your child before he or she comes to school. We shall confiscate any item that is not expected in school as per our rules and regulations.
  24. Attending school functions
    It is mandatory that every parent attends all school functions. This is the only way we / you get to appreciate and know about the child’s social, physical, emotional and academic needs of the child at school.  Parents who miss without permission are invited to school on individual basis or else the child may not be allowed to attend lessons.
  25. Anger management
    All pupils are expected to control their anger. Retaliating in case one fights you shall not be accepted. All pupils are expected to report such incidents to the staff members who shall take appropriate action.
  26. Response to instructions and doing communal work
    All pupils at Trinity are expected to participate in the general cleanliness of the school. This is to equip pupils with life skills and values. However, a pupil who shall not respond to any given instruction from the staff and prefects will be sent to Disciplinary committee which will intervene and advise accordingly.
  27. Smartness:
    All pupils are expected to be smart at all times. Boys and girls are expected to put on a complete school uniform.
  28. Attendance of lessons / regular
    This shall be compulsory to every pupil as per the time table. Any child found exempting him or herself from   lessons shall be subjected to a punishment as decided by the Disciplinary Committee.
  29. Faking sickness:
    This kind of indiscipline will not be tolerated on confirming that one is tricking the school health team. The sick bay is out of use for pupils who are not sick. It is not to be confused with a resting room.
  30. Love affairs: / sexual deviance:
    Any child who shall be involved in any sort of love affair with another one will be expelled for as long as there is evidence. Acts like homosexuality, lesbianism, fondling and watching pornographic materials will lead to expulsion too.
  31. Abusive language
    Any child who uses vulgar or abusive sign language on a colleague or staff member will be punished as shall be decided by the D.C. This is strictly prohibited in the school.
  32. Segregation and racism
    Any pupil who will involve him/herself in acts of segregating against one another or shows bias against one another’s background will be dealt with accordingly by the school Disciplinary Committee. Breaking any of the above rules and regulations may lead to the following punishments; referral to the Disciplinary committee or one may be subjected to counselling sessions. Unceasing or errant behaviour will lead to suspension or expulsion. Please note that not all rules and regulations have been highlighted as some will be found in respective classrooms and in accordance with guidelines and policies from the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES).